Looking for 97 Moments Bron with Kobe ball control and speed w/ ball shoe

Does anybody have this shoe and Bron they’d be willing to sell? I’ll pay good mt. It’s the Kobe Ad Mid I believe. It boosts off dribble mid and 3, ball control, speed, speed with ball.

What console?

PS4 I want this also

I have one on XBox, sorry. Just in case you were wondering, he’s a friggin’ monster.

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I’m also on XB1. He’s not kidding, w/ 99 open 3 & 97 SWB on LBJ it’s a gg.

On PS4? 350k for the playoffs moment one.

I have this exact shoe on my all star game mvp Lebron. :eyes: PS4

Yes it’s the best shoe for him

Message me we can talk


Sorry man. Pretty baked, read it quickly and thought u meant diamond Kobe with that shoe. Lol my bad y’all

No worries bro, enjoy that Kandy Kush

Throw it out there, I’d bid on it.

U selling?