Looking for 2K19 X1 MT

Looking for 2K19 X1 MT

HMU, on now

why every year you always like to play the previous game?

2k20 seems cheeks. xmas

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i do need some mt tho, i will come u folks

that’s what you said about 2k19 last year

you will say that again next year about 2k21

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nah i got that shit on time. thinks you got me mixed up with @britishhoopfan

first 2k that i didnt get on time is this one since 2k9

dang people still really in this hoe

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no one no oneeeeeeeeeee no oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee come and tae it away from m

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This fuckin guy :joy:

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im online fellas

I could give you a pd bonga, gave away all my opals earlier this week :joy:

yeah sure! im on now :slight_smile:

Just sitting collecting dust :joy::joy::joy:


hmuuu $$$

How much you need

any amount youve got can sell for the low or givewawy

I’ll be home later. Gotta sell off first but we can work out something beneficial for both sides

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