Lomo vs Lopez (boxing) Ortega vs Korean zombie (UFC)

any boxing here? I just place a big wager on Lomo (-400) hope he put on a boxing lesson… Also place a big wager on Korean Zombie (-190)

Great night for boxing and ufc

Can’t believe no one is watching the fight

That shit was robbed. No way that fight was that open. 119-109 and 117-111. What are the judges smoking?

I said the same thing… Lopez fought well but it was much closer to a draw. No way he won those mid-late rounds outside of the 12th

I had it either a draw or a Lopez win because of his performance in the 12th round. But those scores are blasphemy

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Exactly. Boxing stays fucking up the scoring system

Wtf. 119-110?. I had a draw or lomo by 1 round. Great fight.

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Just watched a replay, no idea why it was scored like that.

Boxing has a judge problem. FART

Horrendous judging 119-109 WTF

Harold Lederman is rolling over in his grave after his daughter scored that fight 119-109!! That fight was a draw, or Lopez by a point. Lopez closed the 11th strong and dominated the 12 and final round.

I want a second fight. Loma has to get started quicker next go around.

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If Loma had won that final round he would’ve won the fight how can the scores be that wide open

Corruption. There’s no other way to put it. No boxer in that ring won more than 8 rounds at best. I’m pretty sure that female judge has also had some terrible ass scores in previous fights. Needs to get fired

I guess she’s living off her dad’s legacy

She was more like David Letterman tonight am I right guys?


No? I’ll see myself out

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F in the chat for OP. Hope those wagers weren’t too big

Won 1200 on college football but lost it all on lomo.

I had the fight 8-4

Lomo definitely didn’t win but it he definitely didn’t win just 1 round lmfao

Lomo really lost I’m speechless…

Thats a double L