Lol this bump stealer got me dead

Dude was running up on my Manu every time i was inbounding to bump steal me, so i move left, walk to 3 point line and switch him up, EVERY SINGLE TIME :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I remember Mike Wang saying how they were stopping this shit pre 2k19 and then the turn the dial up on this shit. Trash bag company


Itโ€™s ridiculous man if somebody in real life runs and bumps into a defender it will be called a foul 95% of the time (i say 95 cause nba refs are trash and will not call it every time). In this game its a 95% chance you lose the ball and thatโ€™s being generous.

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Irl I just run up to guys Iโ€™m guarding and they drop the ballโ€ฆ you should try it

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Iโ€™d drop the shoulder and go through

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How about you pump fake under the basket and the guy jumps then comes down on me and my guy lose the ball and its a steal/fastbreakโ€ฆFML.


To be fair turboing into PGs is OP in domination teaches the children bad habbits

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