Lol that equalizer

4 guys in lineup with hustle rebounder (Duncan/Issel/Lucas/Wallace) lost rebounding battle 30-13!!! full bar releases, all misses, you do you, Mike Wang. Dude would grab 2-3 offensive rebs untill he makes, if i grab a reb my Duncan steps outta bounds lol.


while this happening, you’re like:

Your opponent is like:

Noone is awake around these times but it’s lunch time for i us i guess :smiley:

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The most frustrating thing, by far. Plus 3pt percentage after a o reb is through the roof.

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Yeah equalizer is at an all time high this year. Also token diamonds, token pink diamonds, and mtu rewards will be nowhere near as good as promo cards moving forward. PD Ben,Diamond iggy, and pink diamond Iverson are comparable if not better than most rewards. These aren’t even the popular cards yet. Imagine how this Magic Johnson Card will be, Giannis, MJ etc.

That’s why I’m not bothering with the rewards cards.


Wallace at center… I told you

Inb4 smartass, oh too late.

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Yeah of course the further we get into the year the better the cards get lol thats been every year of 2k. But nah PD Ben is nowhere as good as PD Lucas, PD Duncan, PD Mutombo and honestly I dont think Iverson is even better than Charlie Scott or Baron Davis. Both have as good defense, are as quick, Charlie can post and dunk, baron has better shooting and can dunk. Diamond iggy is an exception hes one of the very best cards out right now.

You don’t know the power of the 6 hof badges ?!

If were being honest… his HOF badges are very underwhelming

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Pnr Maestro makes big-men run like a deer. Rest are close to what d Kobe had last year, mid-range game based.

Yeah no Hall of Fame pick pocket drops him 50k below my mental value for him had he had this badge.

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That i agree totally but his tendencies makes it up for him.

No HOF shooting badges, Pick pocket, D stopper. Tireless scorer, ankle breaker, difficult shots, acrobat are 4 of the worst HOF badges

Tireless and acrobat helps a lot when he drives, draws foul easily.

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Acrobat is insanely good badge.


If were being honest, in online play, even with Acrobat AI is going to get his shit swatted 8 out of 10 times. If you are not playing online and thats not your cup of tea than so be it but still the point remains

Lol no, if you good with drible moves.

There is a catch me if you can situation there so i disagree.

CPU D doesnt fall for dribble moves like that this year so yeah Off ballers will just eat him alive at the rim. If you play even one non shooter on the court hes going to get swallowed in the paint.