Lol am I the best Curry user ever?

I was just messing around just to see if I could beat someone with Curry scoring every single point. I ALMOST did it lol. And no I don’t cheese with him. I run a lot of plays for him, and I iso him and have mastered the pull up mid range.

Pretty sure you are the best player with Curry.

Can you fact check this @Knezius ?

Lol I’m only half joking, but thanks. He’s my fave player and I use him no matter what.

What a GOAT

The guy I played was an all ruby team. So not a complete scrub, but at the same time, not exactly the highest IQ player as he didn’t really catch on to the plays I was running. I have about maybe 4-5 I run

Lmao I’d dead ass lose a game by doubling steph before I let someone drop a 50 bean on me


He didn’t double once! The only adjustment he made was putting Paul George on him in the fourth quarter

Still didn’t beat Klay’s 14 :sunglasses:

Dude some players online so trash my gradmna could beat them. I mean dont get me wrong its nice and all, but sometimes people get me wondering how do they even turn the game on.

True and yea, i was just messing around. Already got Issel. Speaking of him, I recently just benched him, havent really found the best way to use him really.

Idk but thats not very efficient haha. This is with ruby klay. I shoot 80% from three with him after 100 games or more.

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True, nice game! I was trying to literally score every point with Curry. So efficiency went out the window once fatigue started to set in

Best Curry user ever is Kerr.


I’d like to challenge for the title. Efficiency is key. And this was his amethyst

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My case against efficiency was that I was just messing around and wanted to see if I could score every point worth Curry in the game lol. So fatigue started to set in, opponent finally catching to what I was doing, etc.

Sick stat line. That 3% ouffff. But I think OP’s point was that he ran his entire offense through curry lol. So dropping 50+ with only one player dropping buckets is still pretty dope. Not to mention disrespectful as fuck hahaha.