Locking in the goat cards for?

Who do y’all think is the lock in in for all the goat cards?

My conclusion would either be LeBron with head band in Cavs
Zion running at the 1
Or bill Russell at the 1
There isnt any more big name drops that I can really think of for a lock in.

What’s your suggestions?

It’s gonna be Lebron.

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Magic and MJ are going to price me out of this one. I wonder how many people will have the lock-in reward in the end. A few hundred?


Yeah but now I’m sad that I locked LeBron lol
I thought that was end game but looking at what they did to magic. I made a mistake lol

Why does it have to be at point? What exactly is everyone’s obsession with that?


why do yall think there will be a lock in they can make more money without a lock in if they just put them all in packs

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A guy who only played a couple of games, getting a GOAT card. Brilliant… just brilliant.


It’s a fantasy mode and it’s a way 2k can make the card more appealing. It’s not complicated.

Everyone plays the mode how they see fit. What’s fun to you might be boring as hell to the next person and vice versa. But as this year has shown Glitched cards were a success, people like them so 2k will keep them coming.

I’m not running a 6-6 Zion at the 4.

They dropped hints saying no to get to far behind the goat collection on there community hub vids🙌🏼

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7’6 yao ming 75 hof badges

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What if it locks in for tokens? Coinciding with a big token market update


It says no reward in the collection. Doesn’t have mystery card like the sig series. Also glitched Wes Unseld is probably what you’d get from Zion at the 1.

I dont think we are getting anything. But prime 3 set lock is surely looking like a GOAT card reward.
Bill would be my guess.

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Like I said awhile ago, two brothers gaming has been dropping hints to “not get behind the goat collection”

Man if The GOAT LeBron ain’t Heat LeBron I’m out

I thinking it would be young LeBron in cavs before heat

Locking 20m+ worth of MT and 200+ hours of grind, who knows what other grind comes out for a 6’6 Zion at the one? O man I’d be pissed, it’s basically a glitched unseld. lol I generally don’t know who is THAT desirable for anyone to do that, but I hope 2k finds out soon, because at this rate, these GOAT cards are so GOATed, I dont even know who is a tier above. Sure Bill Russel works but I don’t know if he’s OP enough.

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Nah it’ll be 2016 finals LeBron. That’s been the best Bron every year since 2k16.

im assuming GOAT Giannis. Goat lebron will be in packs… too much money to be passed up