Will we get these daily for the first week or so? Or still every couple days

keep your expectations as low as possible


If you watch the first 2KTV episode there’s a code at the end. Just type in THANKYOUMYTEAMCOMMUNITY.

Yeah we got that one

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Did you get the code from the NBA 2K Mobile app?


Where is it on the app?

It’s on the new NBA 2K app. The one with Zion on it

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I’m not typing thank you to 2k


Could zion be regional, my app has d Russell on it?

Never mind it says my device isn’t compatible

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How do you get the code on the app?

I’m on mynba2k20 app, but can’t find the code

It’s the nba 2k mobile app

thanks man! ripped Emerald Millsap

Dude I got Lillard and a diamond contract in mine. Couldn’t believe it!

Huge W!

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