LockerCodes for Today and Yesterday


Bottom 2 worked, first said already redeemed

the first isn’t new it came out with the team up packs. the other 2 are new

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ah, thanks

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Getting to the point where you skip entering these

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Maybe throw in a deluxe pack here or there. Easily the worst codes we’ve had in a while. Used to get guaranteed players

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Guaranteed bronzes

We use to get diamond shoe and contract packs on the regular too

I got, congrats you’ve received a MyTeam board and then nothing at all for both. Do I need to log a ticket?

Never mind. Found a “redeem prize” option under extras

Entering the second one I get an error of: UI_LOCKER_CODE_FAILED

Any ideas?

EDIT: for anyone else, the app wasnt working, desktop worked well


me too

Entered the codes , it said good board unlocked but nothing came , we are they ? It was automatic before …

close myteam and go back in. read the posts above before asking questions that have probably been asked

you just need to exit myteam and reenter. its in the redeem prize on the far right.

Thx m8 :ok_hand:

At this point last year, we had already had 2 codes for 75 tokens