Locker Code


It’s emerald MJ from season 3 nothing special

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What does it give you?

Oh, ok.

Ffs why couldn’t it be a new Card.

Cheap-ass question. If you enter this and get the card but already have it from the Season of Giving, can you quick sell it or add it to the exchange?

Exchange or quick sell. If you don’t open it it’ll stay in you pack queue


We needed a Sapphire Jordan.

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or a Ruby.

Just got a Galaxy Opal MJ huge W great code .

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Wooooow. Lucky bastard lol

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I don’t believe you

Why would I lie I’m a scholar a honest down to earth man :relieved:.

Well I am extremely jealous cause I got am emerald Jordan that I already had.

the code description (found in the challenges) itself says that you will get the emerald MJ card. No way you got a free GO

It was a joke guys enjoy your free Emerald MJ cheers :beers:

That Emerald MJ has a duo with Sapphire Rose now I think

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Locker code will expire by the time servers work