Locker code 🚨


Lemme guess, the pack will be in the corner slots only and the token slots will make up most of the board

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I have personally found that, during ball drops, all fundamental laws of physics and space are essentially disregarded. Would anyone like to help contribute to my study? All I need is sufficient empirical data to prove that the ball drops in this game are in fact rigged.

-Yao Ming


My observations so far reveal that slots having worst items have the strongest gravity.

Got badge pack and bronze off-ball pest. lol

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why are the codes the start of this season that’s not mlk day trash (excerpt for creator codes)

Bronze Off Ball Pest, just like ph00ktastic!

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Silver pass fake maestro. I’m ready for the symphony.

Silver clutch shooter. I have like 20 badges I can’t put on any good card


Cant have too many clutch badges :rofl:

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