Locker Code: This Day In History Card



Got lucky and landed on Mikan

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Yes whole board is filled with players.

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big w

Got McHale… AGAIN!


Who is that chick?

OOOO I need this… Giannis c’mon :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG yes :slight_smile:

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Was aiming for Mikan, missed the spot I wanted by a mile but somehow still got him on a BS cross the board bounce :joy:


I went from desperate for single cards for Giannis to now desperate for Mikan to improve my lineup

Thurl Bailey probably improves your lineup more than this guy

Sad… :confused:
Maybe somebody on XB1 will account share so you can have the Giannis experience.

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Good news for the Giannis chasers. I dont have any of the first 4 on the left. Should be an easy +1 to the collection.

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Got this Mikan guy.
Don’t know if this is good or bad.

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Me too

Got Jerry west

Got Mchale. Good enough for me. Anyone knows if he sucks?

I’ve had him since his original tdih code and i couldn’t even tell you if he’s good lol

well i wanted a mchale along with Bird, i guess i got what i wanted :slight_smile: