Locker Code: PD Boykins



Damn thats fast. Someone else made it too and i wouldve if not for the whole new topic cooldown thing lol

one of the best TTO cards in the game no question. please bless me with this one ronnie

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How’s he good for TTO lmao

Can’t wait to get the hobbit

If i could’ve made a new topic i would’ve been first but at least someones got it here lol

Was going to post on the other topic , but I think it being its own would be easier for those looking for the code

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@moderators you can delete this

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Yea i posted it there aha

I got him. Yay?

He is a 5’5 opal D Wade. Best sigs and one if not the quickest card in the game. You will be able create a shot from anywhere with this card. 3 > 2

I got regular Wade and big Wade now just need Tiny Wade.


2000 MT club

F*CK!!! I got another CP3

Please respect me and my family’s privacy during these trying times…


Short players are slow regardless of swb rating.

i’m talking about quickness, not speed down the court. shorter players are the shiftiest around screens

disappointed, didnt get him. Not sure why tf they have to put the card in the corners every single time. Its whatever, more reason not to play this shit game.

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