Locker Code: James Worthy


Called it

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Yeah. Going for those tokens instead. I need em to get my 2nd token reward diamond since im almost done that one lol

Anyone know what his jump shot is like?

Was gonna go for James then I saw the stats. This is James UnWorthy.


Yeah…however if his Amy has these stats I can’t wait to see his diamond/PD

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I hope so. His amethyst last year was a beast. He was strong asf, posterizing dunks, great defense, and had a easy smooth release.


We need more token codes lol. I think Christmas should have a few different codes for sure with a big Token one

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Got him


Can’t wait for his diamond! BIG GAME JAMES about to catch some bodies

5 tokens

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Mt again, I can’t believe it.
This day in history: 1/10…
Only Zeke I got.

Best reward

I actually wanted the tokens tbh

Where did you drop?

Nice which this day inHistory cards do you have soo far? I have MJ, Isiah, Wilkins. … I’ve also pulled ruby Mj 3x in tto now.

damn. i want the tokens or mt usually but i dont miss too many. Ive missed 5 and most i dont even want… only ones i kinda like are wilkins whos kinda okay, stockton for his defense, and jerry west

would like to know the same thing



I have MJ, Green and now Worthy. My luck on these been terrible