Locker code is kat32

Idk if it’s anywhere else but that’s the code. Just gives you the new diamond kat. I would hold on entering it because servers

Ruby KAT lol

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How long is it supposed to be valid?

Connection error for me, hot diggity damn

That’s what we waited on. Why is it always KAT that fucks us :joy::joy:

Well played on the troll 2K. Well played.

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I got a ruby. I can’t believe I tuned into this for a ruby kat lmaooooo


Throwback to last year and the thread of threads. Stalking Karl towns’ dinner until he gave us a card

And down go the servers

Think 3 hours

Servers died for this… just lost 4 ball drops on TTO

Lmao I applaud them for actually disappointing me even more lol



Put the code and got error :scream:

What a fucking joke I got server error.

I got kicked in the middle of the ball drop now the code doesn’t work for me. Thanks 2k

Yup server error

LOL I didn’t even get Ruby KAT. I got an error after entering the code and got kicked out. I mean it was pretty easy to predict the servers would crash.