Locker code for an outdated opal!

If anyone needs some cards from 2 months ago here they are!


I don’t mind getting that Giannis.

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I’ll take KD

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Not bad for a 5 k mt quick sell code :joy:

Praying for the Giannis to complete my Dynamic duo.

There’s 6 DM LeBrons but they give a locker code for his opal smh


Hopefully radioactive Giannis drops significantly in price

Won’t mind that at all.

Literally got this game for 5 bucks on switch to pass the time

Got KD hell yeah lol


I wanted Giannis but got Hakeem

I went into this with a thought of anything but LeBron as I already have his season 3 opal and didn’t have anything above a diamond for any of the others.

You know I got LeBron

That was a guaranteed card from a locker code previously wasn’t it.

Yeah season 3 LeBron was from a locker code a couple months ago so most people already have that. But the one today was his other opal. Inferno or something

the Inferno Lebron is way better than the S3 one!

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They could at least put the fan favorite lebron as part of the locker other then his inferno version. We have so many lebron that they could easily did that.

They could do a lot of things that are consumer friendly. But that’s not the business model. It’s to frustrate us into spending $$

Got GO Michael