Locker Code: Flight School MJ


It amazes me how fast I am at putting these up


This is virtually a free set reward for A LOT of people. W in my opinion

BIG W for 2k

Oooooh gonna get Kemp today hopefully. Terrible strategy to lock him in, but I’ll be a giggly fanboy when I do.

Damn they drove the nail in the coffin of this cards value lmao

Yesterday wasnt enough for 2k.

2,500 MT for me :weary:

Good looking out @PopThieve appreciate all the work you put in with the codes and moderating

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10 tokens. Ok

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Gonna lock for Kemp :no_entry_sign: :billed_cap:

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Thank you bro

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For those looking to make some MT, go pick up some Clyde and Dwight before they skyrocket. Tons of people going to the to lock for Kemp with MJ flooding the market.

Flight school price fixing faster than road runner

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Smart man

I’m away from home today or else I would do the same. Hope some of you guys get to eat

There’s none for a buy now on Xbox Lmfaoooo

3 of each on PS4 none for buy now lmao

I love how I literally sold Diamond Clyde last night for 19k. Smfh


Threw mine up for 50k quickness. Possible L, still a W on the day.

Damn, would have wanted the card. Anyways, got 10 tokens instead, not bad.