Locker code Feb 11 🚨

EVO Requirements -
11 Baskets in a single game
5 defensive rebounds in a single game
3 steals in a single game
2 3’s in a single game



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Free kenrich for sale!

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These locker codes just keep getting longer :roll_eyes:

Does he look good after the evo?

yes he does

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He does but is it worth doing his evo is my question considering limited requirements surely having him as an Amy is better than a diamond unless your using him in your team

Agreed. I’m mostly offline, so I evo’d but for online players, I’d leave him as is.

For the same reason I have in evo’d Ronnie Brewer and Jarret Jack sitting in my auctions

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Cool that you can evo him in 1 game.

evoed him anyway. was thinking there are better amy options than him if amy is Limited requirement.

maybe 2k will incorporate evoed cards into this weekend;s event :thinking:

Don’t we usually get a locker code for a chance at a pack on pack days?

Just an advice: don’t evolve him until tomorrow, just in case we can use amy cards in Limited.

If you evolve now and tomorrow diamonds are not available you’re screwed lol

There’s way better Amys available

if kenrich williams will make or break your limited run this weekend, then yeah you’re really screwed :sweat_smile:

This Kenrich card is nice overall, but the release is so baited. It is tough.

Lol yeah maybe I was exagerating :joy:

But he’s better as an amy than as a diamond I think