Locker Code: Diamond Ja


finally diamond contracts arent gonna be a million mt


Diamond contracts might be cheap!

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Got Ja, nice

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how long is it available for ?

need ja for baron cmon

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the board


Till 12/3

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I want Ja but probs won’t get him

Cheap ass diamond shoe :triumph:

Wait so Ja looks easy to get then?! Yoo Im happy with this code

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ok thanks

I thought they were gonna make it a lot harder to get Jay Ay Morant


2K is thankful they are making record profits lol

Got a contract, wanted ja…

Contracts are like 15k. Picked up a few for late

Are they actually I just sold my 2 I got from unlimited for 30-40k each like 3 hours ago

Yep. I just bought 4. Xbox

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Thing was like a magnet that headed straight for the shoe. At least it’s a Puma Sky Dreamer.

thats a good ass code ngl