Locker Code: Diamond Dumars


On top of it. As always

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He became the 10th player to play 1,000 games with the same franchise. Deee troit basketball

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I’ll probably get him since I just bought PD Dumars 2 days ago. Although I’m sure this :gem: one doesn’t have HOF DStopper.

Got em !


Diggin the new name @PopThieve

He has hof pick dodger tho

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Thanks for posting!

We need a ann 2 code… not 6’3 midget when alreadly pd of him smh

Do you hate short people in daily life too @Carlo221

I’m pretty sure you’re not 6’3" lol


the locker code should be: JOEDU-UUUUU-UUUUU-UUUUU-UMARS


No about 6 foot with shoe but in 2k or basketball it very short when most lineup are 6’6 /higher… even in 2k we live in a world where greg oden is a hof wild…

got him but he’s not showing up in collections…

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When I need the card I get the tokens. When I need the tokens I get the card, every time

Except this time, I got the card. Wow

Got 15 tokens, which is what I wanted. :slightly_smiling_face:

1 of my memories of the bad boy Pistons

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Got Joe Thx!