Locker Code: Consumables


The board

At least no 100 mt slots


I will say this every ball drop: I fucking hate the ball drop lmfao

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What is the black pack?

Coach Pack. Second best thing on the board if you get a coach over a Ruby

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well i got a bronze shoe so its about the same

Up and under badge… Great.

You’ll sure get that Air Foamposite One MiddleFingerMan.

Flashy Passer badge.

Injury card :rofl:

I’m in arguement with Shake over the locker code lmfao

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Finally after all those 100mt :slight_smile:


The bald eagle


A gold shoe :man_shrugging:t6:

The feels when your ball drop luck is so bad you still get 100mt when there’s none on the board :heart_eyes:

I got a bronze shoe out of the black pack

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2K robbed you.

Eh, what else is new?