Locker Code April 4th

Bronze incoming.


How did we miss this for the past month?!

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2k slowly dropping hints that they want to crush the market lol


2k keep on trolling me with these ball drops

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Sheeeeh quarantine has me not even knowing what month it is :rofl: my b

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:joy::rofl: I was going to say the same. We don’t know what day or month it is lol

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My best pull from a pack all year


Yes!! Ruby Jarrett Culver. I’ve been wanting to try this card out

got a sapphire smfh

Let’s see everyone’s pulls

Drop is rigged to fall into New Years pack


I’ll take any free stuff, but they could at least put in 3 packs that have a chance at opals. Those New Year packs are super outdated. Maybe Gilbert is still playable in MTU. Other 2 packs are nice though.

Ahhhh, the PD Giannis with the shooting sleeve model

And can’t shoot


Got ruby Fultz can he shooting lololo

I got Hedo. :man_shrugging: W I guess

wow, that was quick. Locker Codes site hasn’t even got it up yet!

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I have never ever ever pull anything good from these code packs


Ruby faried… i dont expect anything anyway locker codes are dog shit :rofl:

Diamond DeRozan, I’ll take it I guess, best thing I’ve ever gotten in a locker coe

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