Locker code announced

Code incoming


Boy am I ready

When is it dropping?

Limited Diamond Kobes


Thanks for the heads-up! I had no idea, didn’t expect it, got set up quickly. And I got it, despite entering incorrectly the first time.

Diamond Mamba! Gotemmmm

Diamond kobe. Got my hands on him

Missed it, had it in less than 30 seconds

Thought it was gonna be the PD, shoulda known lol

Got him. Fuck yeah

First 2 minutes but didn’t get it oh well

Got him at work. had my PC open on 2k’s twitter and my locker code page on phone ready. LOL

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Shoutout to @DEG Thank you!

Really, thanks a lot, @DEG. I had a hole for Starting SG, because I sold my Hondo and was going to move my Amethyst Kawhi up to 3. Got Diamond DeRozan last night, but didn’t like the idea of running him and PD Harden together and actually don’t really want to absorb the depreciation that will still come on that card, so probably will sell when/if I can do so, for a profit.

@DEG Did you get him?

The 1 benefit of being at work is fast af WiFi lol

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I feel bad for not having kobe pre typed


I switched to my cell data cz our wifi is not consistent, but took me a loong time to get in (waiting for network connection) even though my cell data is fast. some folks at 2kmtcentral had the same issue

Lol I typed the same 5 times kept saying incorrect , oh well my pack luck spreads to locker codes

I’m glad for you guys though