Locker Code 5-19


opal series 3 bron , pd series 3 jokic, fan faves pack


Massive W

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Guaranteed too, not even a ball drop!


This should be how future codes function

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i put it in on the app and just logged in on my xbox and nothing is there…nothing in rewards or unopened packs

i put the code in before i made the thread…so like 15 mins ago

Thanks, I just put it in the Co sole and got the stuff

Why Jokic? He’s not in the play in…

Because 2K are a bunch of Jokers.


Old man got dad jokes

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Have the same issue. Restarting my Xbox, but am worried that it glitches out or something.

Just restarted, and they aren’t there. Well this sucks.

Great code for budget NMS people like myself.

Though getting two Atlanta uniforms from the pack was a bit crap

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Damn nice code , is it limited time

Yeah I think ya have 3 hours

well dc that makes 2 of us… they really scamming my chances at thon/bron/ad… smh

Put it in on app didn’t get nothing

make that 3

I remember having this same issue earlier in the year. It’s not worth opening a ticket this time, if I get it, then I get it. If I don’t, I don’t

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