Locker Code: 20 Tokens


i need this 20


I mean PopThieve coming through as always!

Coming up on 150. Tempted to snag Ewing… really need just a SF or PF though


Can’t go wrong with Hill if you don’t have him yet

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25 on the corners and in the middle. I got 5 :disappointed:

Please 2K give me the 20

Im kinda good on the pd rewards. Anyone try di ingram yet? He looks kinda beast

@PopThieve The second a code drops:



Of course it’s after I grinded tokens for 4 hours yesterday.

Super clutch, I got the 10 tokens and now I’m only 46 tokens away from my next GO reward :heart_eyes:

closing in on opal iverson :partying_face:

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Got 10, now I’m only 36 to go for Walt. So close to losing my mind over these offline games though.

I got the 25 and getting close to my 3rd go reward, problem is that they won’t update the rewards for at least another month and there’s nobody I “need” for my squad

Just keep collecting tokens and save the tokens for the next update

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Guessing you have Worthy and Wilt already? I’m the same. Just gonna go for Walt as he looks fun and I could use a PG, plus even if a better PG comes out he can come off the bench.

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Got 25, thats a first.

Title says 20 Tokens, but 25 is the highest amount on the board.

somehow i’m blessed with every single token locker code

Got 10