Locke Code Question

How successful have you been at the locker codes? Like how many times so far you actually got what you wanted on the board?
How many times you got the worst of the locker code?

Just need to prove a point


I got a diamond shoe on the last consumable drop. I got MJ on the second try. I think I got BS for the rest of the codes so far. Haven’t done this new one yet, or the Jerry west one.

haven’t gotten scott,west,jordan,10k,20 tokens. only thing i’ve gotten was heat check pack

Got the Charlie Scott and the 10k MT when there was one up for that…otherwise haven’t been too successful.

I still like them though, and the amount of locker codes that drop has been awesome.

I’ve gotten a diamond shoe everything else I got squat

got nothing so far, i just did the consumable one today and was so close to the diamond pack but I got a gold pack with Limitless range, can’t really complain because it’s free, although I would love a ruby MJ or Amy jerry west personally, in packs or in AH, but I guess it’s exclusive. I get jealous when I face a TT team with jerry or MJ, I beat a guy with jerry but MJ was so fast even if he can’t shoot 3s.

Only good one I got was the one for 20 tokens. I still like this method better because if it were still timed codes, we wouldn’t be getting any locker codes at all until like March. So at least it gives us a chance at some solid stuff earlier in the year.

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Nothing so far,but my time will come.

I do prefer this method, those timed locker codes we’re always sweaty. Had to be on the right time and even then you weren’t guaranteed anything, you still had to type it correctly and swiftly.

even if I don’t get what I want from these codes, I got no problem with it yet lol, maybe once those good diamonds or pd drop I might.

My biggest W were the 20 tokens. Missed on Scott and Jordan got West.

Mt drops slightly above average, players I have gotten are Jerry West, missed the other two rubies

I got Scott, West and a Beat Check Pack, i think i strikes out on the others. MJ LC 2x100mt.

Didn’t get Charlie Scott
Got MJ
Got West
Got 5 Tokens

I’m decent with the locker codes

I got scott
missed MJ (100MT)
20x tokens
missed West (1 token)

Kiddo got Scott, West and 5000mt, daddy himself got 100mt. If there is a player i touch it no more lol i only open these tt packs.

I got Jerry West, missed everthing else. But after playing a lot of TTO and recording the ball drops, I now have a pretty good idea where to drop the ball for the best chance. It’s not automatic because you still have to time the drop perfectly, but when I’ve timed the drop right it’s hit the correct slot every time but once.

For everything but the corners, you want to drop the ball with the peg that is above the divider two slots away from where you want it to fall. You want it to fall almost directly on the peg, so it bounces a couple of times before it trickles of to the side that your intended target is on. You can see it in this video:

Of course there are other strategies and nothing is 100%, but I have been successful this way.

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I think I missed the Charlie Scott code. Can I still do it?

Some codes are forever and some are timed. I forget which is which, but reddit 2k has all codes in their wiki for 2k19, and info on which expire and when.

I mass entered all codes when MJ dropped, as I hadn’t done any yet.

Looks like im about 6 days late on it.