Lock Ray or do 2 more spotlights for Roy?

Lock Ray or do 2 more spotlights for Roy?

Just watched some gameplays of Opal Roy and he looks pretty disappointing, for Ray lockers do you still think its still worth it? Ray seems to be the better shooter and Roy’s dunk tendency is very disappointing. I feel like at this point of the year DRose and Tmac are still great cards.

ehh… i wouldn’t even lock ray at this point.


Do you like or dislike shambles? That should be your bar.

tmac better than them tbh. Ray is a lot of fun and the best shooter. Tmac is the best everything. If you that close get Roy. Also cost 600k less if you get the spotlight cards at decent prices.

Ray Is A Walking Bucket For Me. I’ve dropped 20+ in a blink of an eye in a quarter numerous times. He’ll even posterized you every now and then. How I see it you can’t go wrong with Tmac and Ray Allen. I don’t regret locking Tmac one bit.

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I locked for ray the day tmac dropped.
He is really good but he also cost 1m+ mt.
I don’t regret it either cause this the first year ray is good in my team. Fun too. Just the cost is quite high which is the only downside.

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Ray does a great job getting open too. Just Bc a youtuber did a bad job force feeding Roy the ball doesn’t mean he’s bad.