Lock or sell?

I have:
Flash 6, 7, 8 and 9.
Legacy 1 and 2
Fan favourites 3

Should I lock these sets in for tokens or just sell all of these sets?
I use none of these players apart from The fan fav 3 set.

lock if you think theres more token drop, sell if you think not

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LOCK it up


I’ve always been an advocate of locking sets that you know you’ll get use out of, but we’re so close to the end of the cycle that I don’t see a reason not to lock. I don’t see the price of cards dropping too much further

It basically depends if you want to sell the MT you’d get from selling those cards, I reckon. If you plan on doing that, sell those cards. If not, lock

There’s like 41 days theft of this game I doubt the token market is goi to even get looked at from 2k I’d say sell and you can always get those cards back it’s only inevitable until 2k drops super flash packs with all the cards

Don’t lock any tokens until the moment you use them. No point locking and having tokens sit there. Hold ready to lock when you use them, or sell. Don’t lock unless you’re about to use them.