Lock or Flip

Just got Brandon Roy for 100k BIN not sure if this is a snipe or maybe part of crash? Just wanted some of your guys personal opinions, should I lock in for Malone (is he worth it) or should I flip him and make whatever profit I can off it?

He is going for 300k, bro

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flip take the 150k profit

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Holy shit LOL I just checked that’s nuts

I would wait til tomorrow morning and post him

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Definetly considering

Sniped one for 95k. I’ll sell the guy tomorrow

I just might! Is the the difference of 4 hours to 8 sale time noticeable?

You want to sell before the tourney starts


Anyway, easily 150k+ of net profit

Yea it’s fuckinf madness right now Kareem is 58k like wtf

What time does the tourney start?

absolutely sell. Moses is going to be one of the most forgettable PDs this entire year