Lock in the set for kg!? i got simmons kd

I got Ben Simmons and Kevin Durant so far for the KG set so should I get KG!? I want someone who already has him to let me know. Thanks

I also have tacko already and I feel like tacko and kg would be insane

Just buy Bol. Especially if you don’t use Oscar, Wade, or Zingis

KG is a fucking beast

Jumper is a lil slower so hold it longer but he’s a god bro so fucking quick with the ball defense soeaks for itself

I love that card

KD and Ben are end game

I also think Oscar is as well not a bad set at all


Ite bet I’m getting him thanks for the response

Are you gon use oscar?

Is Oscar good?

Honestly I’d advise you to make him in a roster buff his quick draw and all other badges and see if you can time his jumper first

Godly lol have you seen him

Nope I bought a shit ton of MT and I haven’t seen Oscar I know his release because I had him last year and what shoe should I put on KG?

I picked up tacko, dirk and kd today

Pulled melo 2 days ago and selling him

He doesn’t really need anything I’d go swb and bc shoe to turn him into a true demon

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Damn sounds like a plan thanks bro

No problem bro fr tho try his jumper it’s slow but if you can remember to hold it a lil longer it’s GREEN BEAN

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Also he has the best snatch and a great hesi

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Should I play him at PF and have tacko Center?

Yea that should be fine but I use him at center

I got melo up for auction and he should go for almost 400k and I might sell dirk and he’s going for like 150k

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As much as I want kg idk what I should do I don’t care about my bench tbh

Maybe wait on KG and grind out ben

Yeah I’ve been grinding out Ben literally just running against the cavaliers on domination on rookie

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If you pull the trigger on locking KG I will as well, no pressure. I’m currently watching game 6 of the Celtics-lakers 08 finals and I’m extremely tempted to lock right now :sweat_smile: