Lock in reward for Rewind Reward cards?

What do you think the likelihood of there being a decent reward card for getting all of the opals? I don’t see why else 2k would randomly release cards that are this bad this late in the year. I am wondering if it’s worth it to get all of them.

I already unlocked Luka no there’s no incentive to grind for the small amount of XP and the cards are terrible. I do already have Olynyk and Porter.

Not a chance they drop a reward for 30 different garbage Opals. Would be bullshit considering that nobody in their right mind would do it unless they have spare time on their hands (which I don’t).


Unless it’s going to be invincible set that contains KAJ and Jordan - not doing any of these :slight_smile:

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With it being timed I don’t think we see an award the reveal after the fact. If the agendas were there all season I could see it being more likely that they could add one later. Just my opinion.

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I doubt that there will be a lock-in reward, but if there is one it should be the DM Chauncey Billups card.

they do expires tho so if whether there is a lock in or not we need an answer now
otherwise people will be mad that they grinded for nothing, or a bunch of people will miss the final reward because the individual opals are so bad
unless we get an answer now, otherwise either way the community will complain

No card they could put behind these trash cans would make me do them.

Invincible is such a con. Cards have had 95+ in the important stats for a long time already. My Wiseman gonna be better than any Shaq they release. Kawhi gonna be better than any Jordan they release. Ferry gonna be better than any Pippen.


Has there been a locker code for any of these sets?

Honestly, I don’t even know what the reward would have to be to make me get all those steals and forced TTO assists for all these cards.

i don’t know if a lock is an answer…… but there’s gotta be some reason why 2k made these cards so bad.

they went from giving out free dm cards that were GOOD, to these 98 rated EMERALD cards

I was trying to work my way through them until I saw the Thunder 125 assists in TT for 250xp!!!

We won’t get any lock in reward without getting a heads up. They know if they do this, people will be really pissed.

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These cards are so strange, there must be something going on…

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Maybe the college graduate is running the show…

My guess is they either give a DM lock in for most improved player(randle i think) or season mvp invincible(jokic) for reward.

I agree. Agendas expire and no lock was announced ahead of time. These GO will not lock for anyone. I can only imagine the complaints if they did unless they make the expired agendas available again.

yep either way they need to announced whether they lock into something
on the other hand a lot of people are wasting time grinding “just in case” they do lock into a reward so those half of the community will be complaining like hell
the only way out is to announce clearly whether these rewards lock into something NOW

I will get them all! ( So far only Have Otto Porter)
The Rockets will be painful i will be using PD Steve Francis, D Robert Reid, Amy Isaiah Hartenstein. I’m going by date so hopefully Mason and Kelly will be in the bag by the ned of today.

I think these are cards they meant to realease a few months ago and just forgot about them. When they realized they had forgotten to release they just said hey whatever let’s throw them out with no update.