Lock Draft Day Set or Grab PD Sabonis?

Current squad with 400k and 172 tokens. I can finish the set and be MT broke but I’ll be close enough to get my 2nd GO from the market. I can sell BRon and DRob to get my funds back up but I don’t know if Hakeem or Oscar make my squad since I have so many guards already.

What y’all think? I can grab PD Sabonis right now and just forget about it all together too lol.

If you have Shaq why on earth would you do draft day set instead of doing Anniversary 2 and 1 set to get the 3000 tokens?

Anniversary 1 cost probably 200-300k to compete and anniversary 2 is about 700k to compete. Means you can get 3k tokens for 1 Million MT right now. Sale the players you don’t need then do those sets.
Then you can add Limited Lebron, MJ or Kobe and a opal of your choice plus PD Sabonis.

Or you add like 3 or 4 Opals.

My fault, forgot to mention I didn’t do the throwback collection lol.

That changes everything. How many throwback sets do you have locked?

Your lineup so scary i almost shut my phone off when viewing this thread. “Siri… Dashboard”


Only 2 sets locked. I should’ve locked each one as I went throughout the year but I wanted to keep my MT flexible for all the juiced cards that come out around playoffs.

Yeah he really doesn’t need anything else lol.

Just grab Saboner and have a boner.

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Just do the draft day set I guess and pick your free opal. It wouldn’t be worth it to overpay for throwbacks right now. The token players aren’t actually better than the cards you have right now.

Or like what he said^^ get Sabonis. There’s not token opal that will probably start over any of the cards you have except maybe Vince or Petit.

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Im honestly impressed with how many people on this forum and in gerneral literally locked every set. I know Giannis made people collect the cards but its pretty impressive that every set was locked. Never expected this many people to get the 3k tokens. Havent matched up with any yet, so the forum might be “that 1%” but im impressed.


this forum is hardcore gamers to say the least.

yeah i mean if youre spending as much time as we do on here, you play the shit out of this game

SaBONER :innocent:

Lock the set and there is no need to redeem Sabo, hes unusable at this stage

Dope ass team, congrats! Love seeing that opal Glove


Did someone say Sabo?

sabonis is pretty good. he can bang down low with the likes of kareem/shaq

I dont think Sabonis or any token guys would help your squad cuz its already godly. You should get a bigger backup PG like Magic… could you get Ben Simmons? Hes still a top 5 card imo, I know Doncic tanked in price

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Trae like 400-500k tho lol.

Jesus christ wtf