Lock Dave Cowens?

I’ve got all the players for a lil over 200k, should I lock? I get Amare, Tmac, and Cowens, who looks really good

I’d say no now

Why not?

I’d wait. We getting brand new set of players for season 4

With the start of season 4 I wouldn’t lock any PD’s when there’s opals coming out now but that’s my opinion plus I heard you had to badge him out after you locked him in

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Could be just idols 2

With cards like Blake, Embry, Bosh and a ton more I don’t see why Cowens would be worth a lock

I couldn’t get Blake or Embry. And I looked at Cowens stats and he looks like a beast

I mean if you want to go for it. I just don’t think it’s worth it. Plenty cards are coming that will be better then him. Bosh already is pretty cheap and will give you what he gives you

down for that too idols always a good set

idols vips always good

I’m not locking anything this late in the season. See what’s popping with Season 4.

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Opal season is among us.

The entire set is dated now, power creep is about to pick up speed.

Do it if you have millions to burn. Otherwise I wouldn’t.