Lmao lebron


So it begins. MUAHAHAHA.


He might’ve liked the picture on accident.

Happens to me all the time :eyes:

Let’s gooooo

let’s bet 1 million 2k20 mt that it won’t happen

I’ll bet you 1 million MT that we get a big name free agent.

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Kemba is a big name?

I’d take Kemba maybe even over Kyrie.

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Kemba is not a big name sorry

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You are not getting AD / Kyrie / Kawhi / KD. NOPE.

All signs are pointing to kyrie in LA right now. And I’m not a Lakers fan. I have a strong feeling they’ve already discussed this and lebron is just laying down the groundwork.

I don’t understand why everybody says that Kyrie will be a Laker but still no one wants to bet on that?

Kyrie will play with KD and it won’t be in LAL

Kyrie going to the Knicks 100%. Lebron’s just trying to kiss some asses

That’s a big IF tho. I could easily see KD not leaving. And if that happens, the lakers seem like the obvious choice.

In my opinion, if healthy, I feel like Lonzo can blossom into a really quality PG.

I’d rather see LA stick with the young core than go out trying to nab every noteworthy free agent.

I really don’t see any way that Kyrie will join LeBron… he is simply can’t stand him

Won’t be as a Knick either. Franchise stinks.

Calling him on the phone to apologize doesn’t sound like can’t stand him.

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Tbh, should’ve been #2 in that picture.
Lonzo is gone.