Live Streaming Triple Threat With Broy, Bol Bol & AK47!

Live streaming mtu

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nice dude get it bro ballin247 always a good hang

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Thanks bro we gotta run some warzone sometime get them dubs man

im def down @nocojake and i usually play at some point during streams and we got a third thats really good the 4 of us could do some damage :slight_smile:

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Live streaming some mtu yeah buddy stop by :ok_hand:

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Live streaming cod warzone with 56 dubs, strugglin for another dub i swear :rofl::rofl:

Some mtu timeee… yeah buddy one more game

2k be lame so now im streaming madden

Streaming triple threat With Broy, Bol Bol & new AK47!

Live streaming triple threat & music! Still havent seen a player on boards yet 2k treats me :rofl::joy:

Yeah buddyy about that time finally saw d rose on my 4 ball drop, only hit one of them

Gonna try my all time bulls team that i could make still fun

You on xbox fam?

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Yeah buddy

Lets get a theme team game. My lakers vs your all time bulls

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Gamer: hazardousphrat

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Im down you on right now? I’d be down after my game in 2nd qtr right now

I’m on I can wait I’m about to give my kids a bath. Give me 20-30 mins

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Alright cool just let me know when you’re ready

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Ok bet