Live Streaming MTU & Music! (6-0)

Live Streaming MTU & Music! (6-0)


Live streaming triple threat for that mt to scoop up kawhi🏀

Streaming triple threat :basketball:

Live streaming MTU (7-0) last game before i get ready for work

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Lost my streak before work unfortunately first 9-0 now 7-0 down the drain… now drunk streaming and getting salty out here haha


Maybe you’ll get drunk enough to put up 10K mt PD snipes for the culture? :joy:

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Lmfaooo i only have kawhi to even put up :rofl::rofl: but nah i didn’t get that DRUNK :joy:

On that call of duty multiplayer now :joy:

Yeaaah buddy need to grind triple threat for that free mt :joy::rofl:

It’s about that time :joy::joy: that MTU come watch the shit show

Drunk live streaming triple threat let’s get it & bumpin music :ok_hand:

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Live streaming back to killin it out here good times :rofl::rofl:

Soo what yall think ben simmons every match or what :rofl:

Yeah buddy come thru for some good timesss still out here killin it :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yeah buddy lets get it :ok_hand: grinding mt for my boy MJ :basketball: gladly accepting donations :rofl:

Hopefully yall ready for it im already drunk still ballin lol… Yeah buddy lets get ittt

Went to edit my post and me being drunk deleted it :rofl: still streaming though triple threat bring your own :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

Yeah buddyy got MJ but he’s so ass in triple threat

Live streaming MTU :popcorn::popcorn:

Yeah buddy lets get it live streaming :popcorn::popcorn: