Literally every game is a 5 out Giannis cheesefest

This isn’t even fun. I know 2k20 is HEAVILY biased toward slashing guards & forwards this year by bailing them with all the animations & fouls in the world, but this is just not fun.

The solution is real simple, but 2k ignores it year after year. Just make on-ball defense worth something. I could easily stay in front of my guy, but user control defense is tooooooooooo sslllooooooooowwwwwwwwww. Forces me to have to sag off more than I’d like, but then all that leads to is just another stupid 2k problem that they’ll never fix: Snatch back green release 3’s off the dribble.

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Time to accept that we’re not 2k’s target audience

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This is why 2K made the offline grind so robust.

Yup. That’s why players like Lavine become so OP. Dude torched me in TTO because he greened 6 threes between Lavine and TMac earlier.

I don’t even run 5 out but it’s still easy to give the ball to Giannis or Ben and get a bucket. You try to onball and cheeser run around with Harden or Lavine and snatch back three :man_facepalming:

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Which Giannis? That PD from the Kareem spotlight can hit 90 with shoe and coach apparently. He’s the most OP card in the game.

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It doesn’t even matter lol. His animations are so unrealistic that you can use his base amethyst and be good.

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You definitely can. Any giannis card is OP. But this PD is on another level. You can get 300-350k mt for what 30 bucks? Anyone thinking abt it. Im telling you ita worth the time n the grind. This card is stupid.

I’m not a great player and I avg over 20ppg with Giannis on MTU. It’s easy and I even brick a lot with him around the rim.

As far as the cheese, Lavine, Ray, Kobe, T-Mac are all nutz. And they’ll be long outdated by March. Imagine what it’s going to be like then…