List your TTO lineup

I’ve been switching it up since release, but the lineup I’ve won the most consistently with is…
Jimmy Buckets amy

I’ve only lost 1 game out of 15 or so w that lineup & that was to Klay, Granger, Blake. I couldnt stop the pick & fade cheese.

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Still learning the mechanics

New Moments Lebron

Magic, Diamond KD, Tim Duncan

Diamond. Bron , Kobe , AD

Ruby Scottie Pippen
Ruby Morris Peterson
Amethyst Draymond/Kareem

I am the perennial budget baller lol

PD Magic / D Kobe / PD Kaj

Diamond Kobe
Diamond Melo
PD Blake

I honestly just score almost all the points with Kobe. He has the cp3.x that boost swb and ball control. So much fun

Hardly ever lose lol

I always lose against amethyst JR Smith. I don’t know why 2k has such a hard on for him.

AI, AK, Moses

Amy Dray,
Ruby Mo,
Ruby Elgin.
Lost twice out of maybe 25-30

TTO boards trash btw

He can do hennything

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Lol. Too true.

Currently Jimmy Buckets, Magic, Diamond KD. Thinking I need some more rim defense since KD seems to be very inefficient as the biggest player on a team.

I just use PD Blake Griffin, PD Grant Hill, and Diamond Andrei Kirilenko. Gives me a nice mix of offense and defense.

Kirilenko (Or diamond Durant recently)

Never loss with this lineup, been playing like 100 games

Similar to mine

Amethyst Butler

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Diamond Klay
PD Blake


Diamond Kobe
Diamond Klay

I used AK for the longest, but he cant get rebounds for shit over Blake & Kareem (obviously). Issel is slow, but can hang in the paint a little better.

Melo, AK47, Issel

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