List of the 80 Badges in 2K20 (So Far)


  • Clamps (For Perimeter Locks)
  • Post Move Lockdown (For Paint Defenders)
  • Deep Fades
  • Slippery Offball (More success when doing off-ball juke moves)
  • Volume Shooter (Boost your ratings if you can maintain your FGAs/per minute)
  • Interceptor
  • Giant Slayer
  • Quick First Step
  • Range Extender
    Deep Hooks
    Space Creator
    Ankle Breaker
    Rebounder Chaser
    Contact Dunker
    Handles For Days
    Catch and Shoot
    Difficult Shots
    Hot Start (formerly Microwave)
    Flashy Passer
    Pick Dodger
    Relentless Finisher
    Tireless Shooter
    Needle Threader
    Lob City Passer
    Fancy Footwork
    Deadeye (Mid and Deep Deadeye combined)
    “Chase Down Artist”,
    “Heat Crusher”,
    “Rim Protector”

Badges Removed

  • Charge Card
    Mid Range Deadeye
    Deep Range Deadeye

Volume Shooter is toxic af already.


Interesting. Some just sound like old badges renamed… Clamps = Defensive Stopper, Post Move Lockdown = Rim Protector, Range Extender = Limitless Range…

Giant Slayer could be interesting as an undersized player who can guard bigs with not as much of a penalty.

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imagine solo queuing rec next year


Mike Wang described Giant Slayer as it help smaller players finish in the paint over taller defenders. I guess players like A.I will be useful for the first week lol

‘I can’t pass bro- I gotta keep my FGA’s up!”


Really curious what cards are gonna look like with all this badging…

Damn so there will be locks and they also took out another badge i forgot what it was tho

80 badges is to many


It’s looking like you’ll be able to get every badge if you can put in the amount of badge points for them and get them to bronze I’m guessing

The 80 include exclusive ones for the neighborhood and playground so probably only like 70 badges lol :man_facepalming:t6:

Ahhh park badges are back nicceee any news on rep lol ?

The MyCareer blog should be coming out soon Wang said.

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I assume personality badges will be apart of this list. No way they make 80 gameplay/on-court badges

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There is one called Space Creator too.

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Of course. I’m sure we will get only 40-45 real badges (5-10 more than this year)

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I’m sure it’s for Step back

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Yeah that one is for step back jumpers. Deep Hooks is for post hooks.

I like the fact that they put back badges for post moves other than spin moves and drop steps. KAJ with the HOF deep hook and MJ/Kobe with HOF deep fade

Hakeem is going to be fun to play this year


Also glad they brought back interceptor. Standing in a passing lane & still not catching the ball is so annoying.

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