List of Glitched Domination Games

List of Glitched Domination Games

what the heck? i just got a pack with ANOTHER wolves icon jersey - that makes it 3 in total

seems like 2K is trying to fix it since the pack said “20-Timberwolves Association-Jersey”

where did you get this pack?

just appeared in my packs

Oh, means they fixed 1 jersey for you?

no it was the wrong one in the pack, the one we already got as a dupe lol

Please see here:


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So if you didnt get jerseys in reg dom, you gotta go back and play all the games to get them?..

Regular dom only gives courts, logos, and EVo players. No jerseys until historic dom

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Now the grind is officially gonna continue for sure!

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Thank you for the clarification!

What about the missing Lakers jerseys?

I still don’t see my missing Lakers Icon jersey tho

Has anyone done historic blazers? Is it good to go now ?

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We need some 2KG folks confirmation, we can’t trust the clowns from 2k


Just played T-Wolves and got the jerseys :slight_smile:


lookin like it’s fixed boys

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2 star glitch is still in

So is all of historic dom good to go? (Looking at wolves, lakers, rockets, bulls, pels, blazers)

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Hmm so I have to play them again? Damn