List of Glitched Domination Games

List of Glitched Domination Games

To help save people’s time let’s make a list of known glitched Domination games where you’re not awarded the correct reward.

No glitches reported.


Suns on regular also reporred here multiple times.

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I only played one game so far but regular timberwolves I only got 2 stars even though I had 735 mt scored

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Sounds like it’s random.

I played suns second time got the Evo player. What’s up with Heat? Does it work or not?

I think the multiplier for score differential isn’t showing correctly. You will notice that you have somewhere under 120mt or so for that category and after the 1.75 multiplier adds on it doesn’t calculate properly.
I noticed if I got say 1000mt at the end game screen, when I got back to the menu and saw the mt being added to my account it would only show something like 800mt.
So you probably need around 150-200mt more on the endgame screen to pass the challenge and get the 3 stars.


I just played the Thunder and the app crashed to the Xbox dashboard as soon as the game ended.

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historic wolves is glitched per caldy…can we keep this thread and updated pls. no point in doing games that are glitched. who knows when 2k support will get to it. we are better off just knocking out games that are not glitched first.

Also confirmations for the above glitched games will help ppl. Thanks guys


It’s gotta be random, can’t confirm the heat yet but played the suns last night and I got Mikal Bridges Evo.

It’s probably random. Wolves was fine for me. Suns glitched. But appears I can just play again for third star.

Played and cleanly cleared about 6 Dom games tonight.

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I had flashbacks of 2k18 glitched bulls jerseys when guys couldnt get most of the dom rewards for months

Just played the Blazers and the game crashed on the MT screen.

Beware of the celtics and bulls game in dom, because i received the wrong logo (the wizards logo for the bulls game and Cavs logo for the celtics game).
Since those logo aren’t auctionable you won’t be able to get it from the AH and lock them

how is the suns one glitches again? I played it unknowingly and got mikal bridges. let me check that 2kmtcentral

suns seems to be fixed. most ppl are getting bridges now

oop nvm

Can anyone confirm if celtics is fine before i try it?

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Just finished my first game of historic Dom vs Jazz. 3 starred it and opened the jersey packs but they never showed up in my collection.

Just beat the normal lakers on 3 stars, got 725 mt in game, and didn’t get the evo player

no caruso?

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