Lineups for Board 7

Having some difficulty rolling with a ruby or below lineup in the match against the Euro team (Jokic and Bogdanovic x 2) and the T’Wolves (KG, KAT, Marbury)

Any suggestions?

Ruby Squad would do the job: Bird, G.Wallace, Z.Randolph. U can replace Wallace with sapphires u have, Giannis, Lebron etc… Try a taller guy against the shortest guy in your opponents squad. Marbury should matchup with Bird for example.

Do you go back to board 1 when you are done?

No, you stay there.

I run SDot-Klay/G.Wallace-Jeffries/Gugliotta

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been using Oladipo, Klay and sapphire Giannis.

Thinking about swapping Oladipo for Lilliard

Is it unlimited rewards though? Like can you keep doing board 7 or is there no way you can grind tokens past that…

I did the board like three times, dunno if there is some limit. If yes, it is probably quite high.