Lineup Updates September (2K22 Edition)

Since I didn’t see this thread anywhere, I’ll start it off.

What does your team looks like gentlemen ?

Mine :

(Donovan is Ruby)

Updated so deleted my initial post:

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A couple of games away from Wilt, then I’ll work on getting Gerard from TTO

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how did you get to the diamond token rewards so quickly?

This team has been killing it for me, I think I like this time of 2k the most.


still in shock i was able to get Glenn Robinson. Gail Goodrich is a low key beast. Seth Curry doesnt miss. Oh and NMS!

Lineup Updates September. HAPPY 2k22 🎮 @2KGamer

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good to see everyone’s lineup different for a change


I’m loving the card art this year

How’s Dikembe ?

Takes time to get used to. Release is not easy. Very good but not gamebreaking, thankfully.

Oh okay, so apart from the “Shooting aspect”, Shaq is better ?

Most likely.

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Sixers squad looking nice so far. Iverson is averaging 26 ppg, he’s been amazing for me.


This lineup is killing it!!! I’ve been able to make so much MT and get so many tokens from domination. I decided to not go for expensive diamonds and just save MT.

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Mitch :heart_eyes:

Here’s my lineup at the moment. I just need to close set (which is pretty expensive to get the diamond luka) Dale Ellis is tough (with shoes and monty)

what did you do to get so many tokens? Also, how are you liking Mark Eaton?