Lineup Updates - October 🏀

Saw we didn’t have one for October so made one, any opinions on my lineup on how to improve? I know Scottie is a main one I need to improve but he’s my all time favourite player so want him in but happy to swap anyone else


My lineup till next gen


Current lineup :muscle:t5::muscle:t5:


I literally was finna post this :joy::joy::joy:


scottie needs to go

If Scottie wasn’t my favourite player of all time then he wouldn’t be near my team but personally need to have him there because he’s my favourite player ever

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Here is what i am running, really want a good SF to come out tomorrow to run off my bench, hopefully a really good slasher with decent enough shooting lineup2

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Anyone worth adding from this drop?


october 2 and we already wildin like this


Currently 2-2 in opal tier so gotta win 20 in a row otherwise I don’t get pierce this run. Is Deron Williams good at SG? Also PG or Giannis for PF?

I’m thinking of running:
Stockton, Williams, Wilkins, Paul George and Mikan

Only got PG13 from the guys you named but he’s a beast for me, I would imagine Giannis is amazing but his 3 ball is too low for me I like being able to Chuck the ball out to my PF/SF to shoot corner 3s so think PG will be better for me but all comes down to your play style mate

yea, I think if I run Giannis it takes away from all the dunkers I already have on the team and PG cheaper too.

I might be being biased because PG is my 2nd favourite player ever but imo he’s so good, he dunks on everyone and has a good 3 ball and his defence is next level imo

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So I have all 3 top PGs and can’t decide which 2 to keep. Deron, Kyrie and Stockton. Who goes?

Kyrie has to go imo. Worst defensively of the trio.

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Played one game with Steph online, instantly gave him a diamond contract. Absolute monster :rofl:


Got 150k and willing to spend it if that makes my team significantly better. Got lucky on pulls of Stockton and Giannis. Big fan of this PG13 so he likely stays for a while. Been pleasantly surprised with Cooper so far. Any suggestions?

So happy rn, went 22-0 today in MTU without having to spend my MT on badges. Started the day 2-2 in Opal tier and won my 22nd game by like 4 points. My bench is ass bc I ran a 5 man with Deron at SG before Pierce.

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