Lineup Updates - November

Trying to grab this Tyreke and maybe Ray if he isn’t to expensive


Sleepy and Houston badged up and are diamonds


Moving into next gen with 700+k maybe 800+ after I sell some Amy’s and badges.

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Got everyone except Ray, dunno if I should get him or T-Mac although the more I think about it I might aswell wait 3 weeks and get Jaylen and give him gold range

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Ignore the last 2 cards I have. They are just there for show. David West has bronze post move lockdown, bronze clamps, bronze corner specialist, and bronze dead-eye. Giannis has gold qfs with some other badges I don’t remember. Stockton has gold range, gold heart crusher, and gold difficult shots. Mitchell has bronze range. I’m running a 5 man for now and will eventually run a 10-man when better budget cards come out.

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Who do you guys think the best PF is out of these 3: Worthy, Duncan, Diamond LeBron. I currently have Worthy but I want someone better, Worthy is good but just not great if you know what i mean.

I’d say Duncan. LBJ is more for SF. If you want an athletic PF, get LBJ. If you want a big man PF, get Duncan.

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I have Wall (locked), Stockton and Deron. Need to sell one since that’s too much MT wrapped up in the PG position.

Which one of Deron and Stockton would you guys keep? Both have extra badges and diamond shoes and Deron has a diamond contract.

Deron because you already have a slasher.

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Depends who works better for you, but I like players with Dia contracts so I would take that into consideration.

I wouldn’t run Duncan at the 4 so Lebron

PG better than all of them at PF imo, but out of those 3 LeBron

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Approx. 150k left

Thinking about to put Kawhi to the bench and put Dia Lebron at the 3.

Current Lakers are unfortunately locked.


Deron in at starting 2 guard for my late game lineup. Every player can handle the ball and play-make.

Shoutout for still using Kerry Kittles👌🏼. I had him in my lineup up until recently

Current lineup:

Looking to upgrade either Barry or Klay and currently have 20k, any wings that people recommend? Maybe Cooper?

EDIT: Klay in the starting lineup instead of the 2nd Caron Butler lol

Bruce Bowen and Eric Gordon are nice

Even without Clamps?

Heard that Gordon is real nice offensively FWIW so he might be a real nice Barry replacement for the time being, looking for a big upgrade though