Lineup Updates: May

When you have enough mt to buy an end-game lineup, you wait a bit, finally spend it, then almost immediately quit and resurface shortly after to speculate on the game’s next edition

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Need help for what to do at the 3/4

1 Get Tatum and Keep Zion

2 Get AK and keep Zion

3 Sell Zion and Tatum at the 3 and AK at the 4

4 - Sell Zion and grab Tatum and Dray for 3/4

Dray over AK ?? :eyes:

havent used either his year

Dray has better big man badges and more strength as well as a slightly longer wingspan. I prefer Dray dribble sigs with quick over shifty. Dray release not as smooth as AK but is faster.

AK is 2 inches taller and has better shooting and playmaking badges.

Dray can also equip every badge in the game. Has 80 slots. I don’t know if AK can… Might also be able to.

With the price difference included I’m taking Dray.


Updated May Holo squad.


Me to


Reggie and Drob have hof limitless and blinders.
Wade and Poole are my favorite PGs right now.


I only got the game mid april so Ive been grinding domination, all star agendas and the zero gravity

Pulled a bracket buster DWade and am wondering if i should sell him and use the (almost) 50k his sale would give to improve my team with the 70k ive saved so far

I still havent sold the 5 PD the game gave me at the start (Jordan, kobe, magic, duncan and shaq) since on the AH they’re worth like 4-8k only

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Sell wade and Jokic and rodman get sikma at pf wiseman at center and dlo and pg

PLAYSTATION: Anyone want a Thon Maker with HOF Limitless 3’s, limitless takeoff and a diamond shoe?

Happy to sell it for 25k but thought I’d check if anyone here wants it.

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which PG are you talking about? i dont think i can afford the zero gravity DM george, but limited ed PG seems a bit of a downgrade

i hear a lot of ppl talking about the glitched russell, but help me out a bit here… what makes him so desirable compared to a guy like dwade at the 1? hes not super tall and his driving is only decent, is it his badges or his animations?

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I mean dlo at pg the glitched one my bad

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i picked up ben simmons with a diamond shoe and contract for 350k at the last second.
W or L?

bought a 36 HOFs Yao for 1ml (actually, 1,001,500) yesterday, added 5 HOFs (QFS, clamps, pickpocket, difficult shots, fearless finisher), put it up for 12 hours and …



Wouldn’t run this team, but can finally say I’ve got a full line-up of Dark Matters. 1 million to play with and just under 2,000 Tokens.

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How is Laimbeer? After getting Giddey I played TT offline a lot (probably over 100 wins) but no Laimbeer. I don’t know if I would retrying :thinking:

He is not worth playing for. Got him early and played a game or 2 with him. Best thing about him is that he is free.


Tis the team right now. Gonna get Worthy tomorrow, starting five is my CT lineup, absolutely wrecking stuff, all of them with 35+ HOFs.

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