Lineup Updates May 🐧

Appreciate your reply. Man I only wanna hear the Simmons aint that good so I dont have to spend a fortune. :sunglasses: Just could not bring myself yet to pay 600k for a card when my most expensive player is a juiced Bol worth prob 150k (contract, speed grinches, HOF Showtime and HC). Even though PD Simmons was my PG for months and I said to myself once the juiced Simmons comes out I get him. But I didn’t… :face_with_monocle:

New lineup russ is the best pg in the game on next gen

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Damn. I remember I opened the lineup thread last May. (Or a month earlier or later couldnt remember)

A year in a blink of an eye. :joy:

Giphy, also make a fair amount.

Usually only play 5 or 6 players.


Was really banking on having Ferry by now… Waiting on that DM SF LeBron


i prefer to not have a team of the best players in the game, so here’s mine.


My team is only worth 50k despite the fact that I have 1.2 million mt


I’d start JJJ over Dirk. That man is insane

I’m probably gonna sell Dirk sometime this weekend because I haven’t been playing any 5v5s due to triple threat updates.

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Same here

Just want DM Bron …


Thoughts ??? :penguin:


Wanna do something different at the 3, starting, jones will shift down to the 4 and I want to do something with the 3 off the bench as well

Redd will move to the 2 to make room for the new 3

My Best unauctionable lineup

My unlimited squad

Suggestions to make my team better? Btw nice lineups everybody :fire:

Try rudy gay

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I show my lineup when dm lebron come out. Thinking about selling some of my cards to keep from losing profit. I got lucky selling jordan, then I thought 403k for badged out jordan with contract and shoe was too low. I would got half of that now.

I need one short PG to update my lineup because rondo is gonna be there all year until this guy drops:

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You dont want ben or grant hill. Don ohl is op

I always run one god tier point and then my bench one is a tiny boy. That guy is gonna be rondo unless somebody else takes that spot. I don’t think y’all get how good rondo is