Lineup Updates June 🥂

A bit early i know but let the original owner have his last one for himself :innocent:. What you been cookin’ up lately ? :black_square_button:

Change the title to Lineup Updates instead of Squad and you’re all set :+1:

As you wish sir! Things have changed it seems :grimacing:

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Tomorrow’s cheese (thx @daruler022 for the tip about Rudy!) :


You didn’t have the opal god flash against me!

I have AD and Wade, I’m just bored of them lol

Also why don’t you move one of the three Wades to the bench? Haha! Actually I see you can 5 out with your bench :scream:

Yeah this is a full 5 out squad.

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Where’s Rudy?

No Base 98 or not 7 ft tall (Giannis might as well be)? Doesn’t qualify for my cheese squad lol

Rudy Gay always overperforms though… At least, the pd was godly when he dropped

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I played him in TTOff and he’s the same size as Giannis. He’ll be way better than Dirk. Lmao

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Yeah his player model is HUGE, might move Dirk… True.

Fixed :slight_smile:

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Caldwell without even bronze deadeye is an L

Gay gonna replace opal KD. Not sure if ill use Lucas over Bosh/KG

Doesn’t matter when you’re greening left and right.

Switch all lineup plays really good


His shot is so quick he doesn’t need it

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This will be my lineup and I have 1.2 mill… props to 2k for giving out great rewards

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