Lineup Updates June 🐸

Team I’m rockin with until some budget beasts come out. Been having fun with Wood, Kenon and Mikan in TTOnline


Keep buying expensive cards to try out but I keep coming back to this… Extra HOF’s on a bunch of them. Wiseman has 46, Bol 45, Ferry 45, Ray 53.

Starting lineup is all HOF blinders, haha


How is Bol Bol? been considering buying one on current gen.

Not sure on current, but on next he’s still damn near the best card in the game… He’s not leaving my lineup until we get an upgraded version, haha

ben’s got 47 hofs

bolbol is good but not that OP in current gen. might as well get porzingis, thon or mutombo. Current gen play is about cheesing (curry sliding, 5out, bullying, burst, etc).

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I had an all DM team but I’ve been running this lineup and like it better


Ben has 53 hofs
Dr.J - 52
Lebron - 55
Bol - 42


where’s bamba?

He’s on vacation bro


he needs to get back asap season 8 grind is just around the corner

Got 1000 tokens hoping we get a demi god in the token market in a few days


Don’t really like Zion’s and Batum cards, any suggestion for second pg?

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He’s on a limited vacation until season 8, he knows the rules

June 1 2K20:

June 1 2K21:


Am I Bias or 2k21 team is stronger on literally every position apart from Wiseman / Odom? He was so good last year.

Nah his entire team last year is better than this year lol. Power creep was worse last year

Only players that were worse probably are MPJ, Odom, and Hakeem

Try with Larry

Gotta ask… why shai?