Lineup Updates April ☔️

I’d say KD number 1 sg, derozan number 2, luka is a point guard so should be good offensively, but defensively I’ve been really struggling lately to guard a lot of guys with him

Rudy is the best SF in the game if you don’t have ferry… huge lenght, amazing fast and smooth jumper, has every badge he needs on hof and is like 80k

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Demar probably better all around but his jumper is kind slow ,
Trey Burk ain’t all that
Penny works very well at the 2 without guarding ball but with better D than Luka

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DM griffin or radioactive giannis?
On current gen

Rudy is even better at PF, try there a couple of games. Rudy + Bol, iso with Bol :joy:

He’s like my 2nd or 3rd scoring option and he never handles the ball which just shows how consistent his jumper is, I run him at the 3 since he can’t replace giannis at the 4

Ben - KD - Rudy - Giannis - Bol

Bol Bol has sent Kareem to the auction house since he’s more reliable in shooting and last night after starting him a couple of games I realised he can be used as a center and he moves just incredible

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Idols 2 was a failure. None of the new cards make my team. Running this until season 7.

Luka has HOF Blinders/Clamps and other HOF def badges.

KD has HOF Blinders.

Magic has HOF Deep Threes/Clamps.


How you liking simmons?

Hes the real deal on both sides of the ball. He does everything well. He feels like the Generation Next Ben from 2k19.

Yeah I love him too, just wanted to see with others how they feel about him. I don’t regret splashing 600k for him and being down to 300k. Now I don’t have a player that I can’t relie on defense so I have to switch him to the worst opponent’s player

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I sold mine for 980k or smthg lol. Now i can get back it seems.

Yup hes worth every penny. His shot will feel slower over time as cards get longer and faster but he’s fire. Hes a game changer defensively.

38 hof Bol Bol

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I saw one on PS at 1.2m earlier today with an hour left that had 44 HOF. No blinders though so shocked it was that high.

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Ariza comes in for JR. He’s pretty much the perfect cone, an upgraded version of that Malik Sealy card

Ben of course is good on defense but still not elite on ball ,
That Kawhi stance is crAzy they giving that to everyone but Ben
I can’t understand

They even gave it to Ferry lol

I got mine for 350 on Xbox on added blinders then I saw on with less badges this morning go for 780

Yes :joy:that Amy okoro has it too
Ferry is a beast

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Rocking with this

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Another month, another lineup thread:

Head on over and post your updated squads!

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